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  •   Eric’s presentation and knowledge is the definition of professionalism. I’ve worked with several personal trainers before, but Eric’s approach and facility is the most professional, organized, and comfortable I’ve ever experienced. I’m coming in to this program with several back injuries and a lot of pain. Eric understands the body’s muscles and structures and his knowledge makes me feel like even someone like me can live a healthy lifestyle with no pain. First workout completed with him with NO PAIN!! Highly recommend. I’m excited to continue my journey with EZ Personal Training!

    Laura K.
  •   I spoke with Eric in regards to his facility and programs. I dread this part of the research and usually stop before I reach out to anyone when I get here, but Eric changed my perception of this whole process! Our conversation was productive, genuine, and low stress. I was not pushed into signing up for anything I wasn’t ready for, and I was made very comfortable with asking questions. When I am finally able to commit to such a schedule, Eric and EZ Personal Training, will be the first place I try!

    Anthony A.
  •   EZ Personal Training is very responsive, not like other personal trainers. They fully evaluate your situation and the goals you want. To achieve, they are committed to delivering perfection for your body. I would recommend them.

    Michael T.
  •   Got back to me very quickly and go to the point with packages, pricing, and some photos of past clients and their results.
    After I recover from my surgery I will be reaching out for personal training.

    Crystal H.
  •   I am new to the professional workout thing so I was unsure of how to find the right fit. I reached out to several personal trainers on here and the most compassionate response I received was literally from Eric. I was super shocked how professional, kind, informative and dedicated to helping people reach their individual goals, Eric was. Absolutely a pleasure to work with them so far and I look forward to working with them in the future!

    Cherry R.

in person

Come train with us in Mesa 


All of our programs include:

  • Nutrition plan
  • Mobile app (workouts for in-between sessions that can be done at any gym or at home; any location)
  • 30 minute training sessions
  • Progress tracking
  • Accountability coaching
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Community

*FREE Bootcamps on Saturday’s at 7am and 10:30am exclusively for our Mesa location members. You can use this to complement your program.

Supporting & Guiding YOU 24/7!

Access workout plans anytime through our MOBILE APP.

Workout at HOME, at any GYM, or ANYWHERE!


3 Month Plan


Short term package

Perfect for short term goals such as getting ready for a vacation or wedding. Also perfect if you’re hesitant about making long-term commitments and you’d like to try a short term plan to learn more about yourself.

$109. 99 per month


6 Month Plan


Transformation program

24 weeks is plenty of time for drastic results on an online training program with us. Committing six months to yourself helps mold the discipline needed to learn to achieve results and discover new layers within yourself. This program is perfect for those making a serious commitment to themselves and really looking for a display of shock and awe. Whether it’s for your personal benefit, health or a revenge body, this program will help you reach the goals you never thought possible.


$99.99 per Month


12 Month Plan


Lifestyle change program

To quote an American writer Brianna Wiest…  “Your new life is going to cost you your old one,” this program is for those not only wanting but needing to make a change in their life. We need to make a full 180 in our eating habits, and learn how to incorporate health and fitness into our every day life by changing things we do daily. At EZ Personal Training, we’ll be right there in your corner to encourage and guide you through your transformation.  If you’re ready to dedicate a year to your health and fitness this program is right for you. 


$89.99 per Month